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  • Located near the equator the sun is available most of the days and the weather can be harsh.
  • Changing money –plenty of banks and Western Union booths are available in most of the major towns
  • Tipping- expected and accepted by drivers and servers at restaurants
  • Traveller checks are not very popular/not advised
  • Modes of transportation-
  • Public buses and trains are cheap Private taxis are negotiable and affordable (discuss with “Comfort Travels” for more information) Self driving could be slow
  • Religious sensibility- Sri Lankans are extremely sensible to religious issues. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes to religious and historical places. Women are advised to wear clothes that are not too revealing.
  • Remove caps, sun shades and slippers in advance when entering a religious place
  • Sri Lankans are extremely friendly and hospitable… they do not get offended when a foreigner smiles with them
  • But always be careful to keep your valuables near you or you might learn it the hard way. Call 119 in an emergency and the call charges are free.
  • Make sure you bring ample supply of your medication with you since the extract brands might not be available
  • Always buy sealed drinking water and make sure you carry them around with you. Drink ample water, king coconut and coconut that are completely safe and available. Do not let the heat dehydrate you.
  • Avoid street food if you are sensitive to food. Not that they taste bad or dirty, because you find the best street food in the world in Sri Lanka, but it is always good to be cautious.
  • Make sure you bring necessities for your baby with you. Although there are super markets in almost every town, you might not find the brands your baby is familiar with.
  • If you suffer from lung allergies including asthma (even if you don’t), keep face masks at hand. If your destinations are situated in the dry zone, dust can be expected.
  • Avoid smoking in public places and public transport.
  • The sun is quite common in almost every part in Sri Lanka. While you may like to enjoy the sun, do not let excessive sun touch you since it could cause rashes and sun burns. Keep hats, sun glasses, sun lotions and a cardigan handy.
  • Keep changed rupees at hand, you will find once a life time experiences for little bucks
  • Make sure you take only the memories when you return.
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