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Comfort Travels is a phenomenal destination management company designed to provide the travellers the best travel experience in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the company is reputed to be one of the most preferred luxury travel solutions provider in the country for its premium service.

The company comprises of a young and passionate team who adores travelling and incessantly endeavours to guarantee the extravagance of the tours. “Comfort Travels” is dedicated to provide its customers the most exclusive service once they land on the country.

The travellers to Sri Lanka are ensured exceptionally deluxe tours which are sketched according to their bespoke requirements. Since the Sri Lanka is in profusion of experiences for those who seek nouvelle alleys in the world and explore the cultures foreign to them, the travellers are never disappointed.

The luxury of complacent accommodation, combination of spices that are authentically Sri Lankan and comfortable vehicles will make your stay opulent and remarkably unforgettable. Contact us to know more about our services and tours.



Serving to the promotion of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka by providing a premium service to the customers


Providing the customers a fully fledged service guaranteeing the opulence and the comfort of the travellers

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