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We’ve been organizing and handling School Educational Discovery tours for over 07 years. In all, we’ve handled more students around the world through specially from Hong Kong, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India  our innovative approaches in meeting objectives, highest safety standards, reliability, care and dedication. Today, we’re acknowledged as one of the leaders in the Educational Discovery Tours segment.

Unlike other school trip organizers, our strength lies in our ability to link Sri Lanka’s-renounced heritage sites to key student learning subjects in areas such as history, humanities, and liberal studies. Through our pedagogic materials and on-site experiential activities such as orienteering and archaeological games, students enjoy a holistic cross-cultural learning experience related to their curricula. Besides interdisciplinary programmes, we also offer highly-acclaimed CAS programmes (Creativity, Action and Service)

Why Sri Lanka?

What a developing country like Sri Lanka can offer to you? Nowadays, the cityscape and people’s behaviors in modern metropolitan cities are very similar, thanks to the force of globalization. With the fast pace of development, it is rather difficult to trace in modern countries how we have been evolving to where we are. However, a good understanding of how human being has been emerging and adapting from the past to the present is important. A developing country like Sri Lanka may shed more light into the nature of human being and his relationship with the environment, which may in turn provide clues to the solution of future challenges, such as global warming, sustainable development, and the North-South Divide.

Learning Themes 

  • Wild life & nature
  • History & Culture
  • Immerse & service in Rural villages


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